About Just Food Hub

Just Food Hub is a community distribution group. We are a cooperative partnership engaging community networks and distributing Equal Exchange food throughout New England without profit. Just Food Hub complements and amplifies the Equal Exchange vision and mission at the grassroots level among New England communities and organizations.

Just Food Hub stands for food justice, social justice, and a healthy farming climate that supports all forms of life on Earth. Click here for more information on how Just Food Hub can assist your organization or small store.

We believe food with integrity matters, authentic fair trading matters, the democratic process on farms matters, paying premium prices ensuring a decent living and fair wealth distribution matters, and finding ways to ensure a healthy planet and soil for the next generation of farmers and families matters, too.

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About Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a unique food-trading company. This worker coop works to develop a noncapitalist people-centered food system in contrast to much larger profit-centered food-trading companies like Walmart, Kraft, Nestle, and more.

Equal Exchange brings food justice and integrity to the US family table. Uniquely, Equal Exchange endorses organic and sustainable farming practices and democratic and worker-owned farming cooperatives. The result is high-quality coffee, tea, chocolate, and other basic foods. The most recent development has been to encourage farmers who work with regenerative growing techniques to improve soil conditions.

For more information about the amazing work of Equal Exchange check out their blog here.

Just Food Hub’s mission is to complement the exemplary work of Equal Exchange by forming a compatible community distribution venture offering Equal Exchange food basics directly to organizations and small businesses across New England.


About Our Founders

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Politically active from birth, Sue Morris has passionately supported the United Farm Workers, unions, Civil Rights, organic and regenerative agriculture, breastfeeding, asylum seekers, and many other principles. Sue’s vision to converge her passion for progressive politics with food justice prompted the creation of the Just Food Hub pioneering project in May, 2021. Having just recently retired from full-time work, Sue was itching to try out the idea of a business that promoted Equal Exchange food with fundraising for local community organizations. Just Food Hub distributes ethically sourced food unlike other businesses in the food industry. Sue likes shopkeeping, so her job is to be in charge of ordering, warehousing, and bookkeeping. She ensures orders are prepared and delivered quickly on a regular basis. Her experience as an administrator and bookkeeper, alongside her love of the food from Equal Exchange, makes for a well-informed and efficient shopkeeper skill set. Sue’s goal is to expand and develop local community awareness and enjoyment of ethically sourced foods. Sue is delighted to find a way to collaborate with Equal Exchange, bringing progressive politics to the fore with food at the heart of the exchange in her community. Sue is mother to 5 adult children: 2 have organic farms, one runs the Farm to Ballet program, one runs the Vermont Donor Milk Center, and one works with Just Food Hub.

John Morris keeps the Just Food Hub finances in order. He enjoys parenting and grandparenting our 14 grandchildren, helping the children through their many practical tribulations. His careers have included dancer, intentional community financial administrator, construction worker, and environmentalist.

John’s main thrust politically is environmentalism. He works to reduce the carbon imprint of the household and has plans for a microhydroelectric installation that will provide electricity. He works with the Marshfield Energy Committee and on a committee to create affordable community solar. John advocates for a simple lifestyle, eschewing materialism and the consumer culture.

John loves to snowboard, ski, and bike. He has lived in Belgium for a year and traveled in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, England, France, Gibraltar, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and across the United States several times. His favorite place to be is home.

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Leila Ludwig, on the cusp of Gen X and Millenial generations, is mother of 3. Leila is now the main marketer for Just Food Hub. She enjoys making crafts, baking, and traveling, especially to the ocean. She has visited Russia, England, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Canada, and most of the United States, visting national parks. In the past, Leila has work as a personal shopper and in food service management. She cares deeply about people and works for human rights. Her main focus is mothering.


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Siouxsie Cooper was a founder of Just Food Hub and focused on marketing and sales. She talked clearly about food justice and quality organic food basics that buoy ethically grown worker-owned and delicious food orders. Siouxsie hailed from a farming background and was excited and inspired by the unique mission of Just Food Hub and its work alongside the pioneering work of Equal Exchange. Siouxsie teaches dance, makes art work, and enjoys growing her own food. She has a doctorate in dance ethnography and social sciences.