Central Vermont Refugee Action Network

Help Us Fund Support for Refugees!

Established in 2015, The Central Vermont Refugee Action Network (CVRAN) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Montpelier and dedicated to making our communities welcoming, safe places for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers. Our mission is to help these new Vermonters settle, work, and thrive in Central Vermont. In welcoming them, we see how they greatly enrich our own cultural and economic lives. CVRAN volunteers pitch in in many ways to help these people get established in our communities. CVRAN supports our guests until they are able to support themselves, with the goals of self-sufficiency and inclusion.

Just Food Hub

We are raising awareness in our local communities about real organic and fair-traded food, worker coops, and corporate consolidation in the food system. Our products include high-quality and affordable artisan food like coffee, chocolate, tea, cheese, and hot sauce from cooperative farms in the global south and small US organic farms.

Just Food Hub’s mission is to offer community groups, like CVRAN, a regular fundraiser for their valuable work in our communities. We do this by selling these wonderful foods online and giving the profits to the community group. CVRAN receives 25% of all purchases when you click CVRAN at checkout. We offer free delivery of your purchases in 18 towns including Barre, East Montpelier, Marshfield, Montpelier, and Plainfield and can ship them elsewhere for a $10 charge.

Just Food Hub collaborates with Equal Exchange, a worker coop that develops a noncapitalist people-centered food system that brings food justice and integrity to the US family table. Equal Exchange endorses organic and sustainable farming practices and democratic and worker-owned farming cooperatives throughout the Global South, Palestine, and the United States.

In addition to helping you eat well and building strong local economies and community groups, we are working to address the climate crisis and food insecurity. Join us and be the change you want to see in the world.

Shipping Options

– Ship to any location in the continental US for an additional charge.
– Free delivery in Marshfield, Plainfield, East Montpelier, and Montpelier.

Select the appropriate fundraiser and shipping option at checkout.

Orders of $75 or more will come with a free natural cotton shopping bag.