Equal Exchange Presentation

This page offers some simple materials to complement Sue and Siouxsie’s presentation about Just Food Hub on the Equal Exchange Zoom call.

Sample Marketing Letter

Hello Mollie:

Just Food Hub (justfoodhub.us) is a new profit-less venture here in Vermont. Our goal is to advance the Equal Exchange notion of sourcing food from organic worker coops in the Global South and from Palestinian and U.S. small organic farmers, including those in Vermont. These products are purchased by paying authentic fair trade prices. As one of our fundraising organizations put it, “Would you like to buy olive oil from Palestinian farmers, pecans from African American growers in our South, or support a 4,500 member cooperative in Kerala, India, that works on elephant friendly fencing, safe water systems, and schooling through buying cashews?”

Then we sell these products to people in the United States without going through major corporations. We donate all profits to the organization for which we are fundraising, at 30% of all sales. If you’re interested in working with us as a fundraiser for xxx, we would produce a unique webpage for your organization. You would then send your friends, colleagues, sponsors, whoever, to the website where they would order and pay for the products. We would then deliver the products to a location of your choice, at a specified date and time, separated into each order for pick up. We can also ship products to consumers, if that’s helpful.

Although we only started Just Food Hub in March of this year, we already have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual fundraisers with a number of organizations: Cabot Harvest Hub, Central Vermont Refugee Action Network, Jaquith Library, Capital City Grange, The Pride Center, The Mud Studio, Hubbard Park Expansion Project, and Shidaa African Drumming and Dance Group. We are particularly interested in supporting organizations about which we are passionate, and xxx is one of those.

If this is of interest to you, please let me know your questions.

Warm regards,

“Environmental justice is interconnected with every aspect of our fight for justice. From racial justice and economic justice, to housing justice and educational justice, we cannot disentangle the environment people live in from the lives they live.” —Kamala Harris

Sue Morris
1392 VT Rte 232
Marshfield, VT 05658

Infrastructure Setup Costs

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