How It Works…

Solutions for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

Just Food Hub distributes ethically sourced food to buying clubs formed by local groups and nonprofits. We also service small businesses throughout New England that wish to build their food-justice inventory and integrity.  

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Fundraising for Community Organizations & Nonprofits

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One unique aspect of the Just Food Hub vision is to pass food-purchase profits to community organizations and nonprofits to use for their community-based activities. 

Log in online to place an order or call 802-622-1176 for more information.

Would you like to have more fundraisers and a steady income? We can help you raise funds while educating and informing your supporters about their food purchases. Just Food Hub purchases positively impact the environmental and sustainable farming practices while interrupting corporate influence on food markets.

We can help you help us change the world! You recruit your local audiences, partners, sponsors, stakeholders, and clients to enjoy delicious food while we provide the world-changing part. We are that “game changer” and we want to work with you to effect change in the global food market. With Equal Exchange, we can do this together.

You contact us. We learn which fundraising model suits you. We have an online ordering system that we tailor to your organization and offer ongoing or one-off fundraisers. Your participants’ orders come to us either online or by email or phone. Just Food Hub will collate their orders, deliver them to a central location of your choosing, packaged for each buyer, and remit 30% of your buyers’ purchases back to your organization. In some locations, we deliver to each person’s door.

Buying clubs purchase products at a predetermined interval, such as quarterly. We have found that early March, June, September, and December are good months for quarterly ordering.  We are flexible and happy to arrange more frequent deliveries or whatever schedule works for you. 

We stock a variety of foods from your favorite drip and whole bean coffees, baking chocolate, and nuts to condiments like peanut butter and hot sauce. We carry items sourced from important trading projects like Palestinian olive oil and soil-regenerated coconut oil to a wide selection of black and herbal teas. Encourage your local store or community group to food action and explore the wonderful tastes, aromas, and food available with justice and fairness at its source! 

We believe in working collaboratively to build a better community, sharing wealth and abundance to benefit all.


Small Stores & Businesses

Small stores recognize the need to reboot and adjust their inventory to changes in society and the global food market. Just Food Hub can provide the answer to your patrons’ growing demand for food with integrity.  

Just a phone call or email away, we can tailor your order, however small and detailed, to your store’s needs and deliver weekly, monthly, or at a convenient interval.

Just Food Hub offers:

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive due to our close working relationship with Equal Exchange.

Flexible Ordering

We are able to offer flexibility with unit amounts ordered, at a 30% discount off suggested retail. For example you will not need to buy a case of chocolate in only one flavor. We can offer an array of coffee flavors rather than a case of a single flavor.


We want to work with you to help support your move toward sustainably farmed, organic, authentically fair-traded food that we know your customers will enjoy, engendering trust in your integrity for future generations of customer loyalty.