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Hubbard Park – Montpelier

Help Us Fund The Expansion Of Hubbard Park!

Join us in helping Montpelier expand its beloved Hubbard Park into a much large outdoor space for all to enjoy.

We are poised to add two large properties northwest of the Park this month. We are pleased to
announce that with the generous support of Union Mutual and over 200 community members, we have reached our recent goal of $138K to complete funding for the land acquisition!

We are seeking an additional $60k to help bring the new properties into a state that looks and feels more like a park. Our goal is to fund 2 years of the “Montpelier Youth Conservation Corps” to do trail work, install kiosks, benches, and other park features. This program will both help improve the properties, and also provide meaningful summer employment for local youth!

We have been collaborating with Just Food Hub, which promotes the work of Equal Exchange to bring real organic and authentically fair traded small farmer goods to our tables, since October 2020. We have the unique opportunity to start a continuous fundraiser through Just Food Hub. Our supporters can go online, buy the food they want, have it sent to them and 30% made from the sales goes to the Hubbard Park Expansion Project. It’s an incredible deal: you get real organic, sustainable farmed and authentically fair traded food and we get the profits.

These funds will help towards our goals to:

  • Secure new, permanent public access to over 80 acres of private land.
  • Add neighborhood access to Hubbard Park for over 200 households.
  • Protect the headwaters of two high priority rivers.
  • Provide easier (less steep) access into the park.
  • Increase trails for Montpelier to capitalize on economic development through outdoor recreation.
  • Expand opportunities to teach kids and adults about the natural world.
  • Protect Montpelier’s parkland for generations to come.

Just Food Hub

We are a cooperative group raising awareness in our local communities about Equal Exchange’s real organic and fair-traded food, sourced from worker coops in the Global South. We also source similarly high-quality and affordable artisan food like salami and hot sauce from local producers.

Just Food Hub’s mission is to offer community groups, like Hubbard Park Expansion Project, a regular fundraiser for their valuable work in our communities. The way we do this is by selling these wonderful foods online and giving the profits to the community group. We mail out your food purchases to your address, additional charges for mailing apply.

Just Food Hub collaborates with Equal Exchange, a worker coop that develops a noncapitalist people centered food system that brings food justice and integrity to the US family table. Equal Exchange endorses organic and sustainable farming practices and democratic and worker-owned farming cooperatives throughout the Global South, Palestine, and the United States.

In addition to helping you eat well and building strong local economies and community groups, we are working to address the climate crisis and food insecurity. Join us and be the change you want to see in the world.

Shipping Options

– Ship to any location in the continental US.


Orders of $75 or more will come with a free natural cotton shopping bag.