Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC)

We are proud to offer two products from PARC: organic extra virgin olive oil, and Medjool dates.

The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC) was founded in 1983 by agronomists and veterinarians in order to serve farmers in the agricultural sector in the West ank. PARC’s mission was to create strategies to allow Palestinian farmers to bring economic development to the West Bank and Gaza, to provide food for the larger population in the West Bank, and to transfer technical skills to agronomists. PARC also provides a wide range of services for producers, women, youth, and other community groups. PARC and its exporting arm, Al Reef, provides agricultural training to 41 coops, each with 20–80 members, in fertilization, harvesting, water treatment, storage facilities, quality-control testing, financing, marketing, packaging and shipping, and exportation. PARC has helped build community organizations and cooperatives based upon principles of democratic participation, transparency, and accountability.