By partnering with Equal Exchange, Just Food Hub is able to offer a broad selection of fair trade products that will satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Together with Just Food Hub, your organization or small business is helping prioritize people and the environment over profits.

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Americans drink coffee in the morning, during morning meetings, to keep going, and at night when those deadlines need to be met. That’s a lot of coffee. Imagine all those dollars going to people who grow sustainable organic coffee beans, who get paid a decent wage, and who are able to invest in their crops and communities year after year.

Due to this vast coffee consumption, it is traded as a commodity. This means prices rise and fall according to middlemen investors and traders, directly impacting the livelihood of farmers. We believe the US love affair with coffee doesn’t have to include short changing the dedication of the farmers who deliver high-quality coffee for our daily consumption.

Wake up with our quality coffee and we’ll change the coffee market with your investment in a new coffee farming future for all.


Nothing like a nice cup of refreshing tea, hot or cold; even better when it is ethically sourced and organically grown from cooperative farms in the Global South.

Tea is a culturally important food item across the globe, one that has historically been produced in large tea plantations benefiting large corporations rather than local populations.

It is time to enjoy your daily cup of tea while enriching small farmers and their families. A nice cup of tea tastes better when it comes with a clean environmental and commercial bill of health.


Did you know there are three main varieties of cocoa pods harvested to make chocolate? Interesting fact: 100s more varieties are available too, mostly unused in large cocoa plantations, so plenty of tastes and chocolate-ness still to explore. This humble bean has been processed by humans for 5,000 years to create that deep, dark, rich chocolate flavor.

Small farmers grow cocoa, and a more diverse range of cocoa plants, alongside other fruits and foods that provide extra flavors and richness to the soil. These cocoa beans absorb flavors from the soil and other plants to produce a rich complex palate of flavors while retaining greater nutritional value. Support small cooperative farms producing high-quality nutrient-rich chocolate that feeds your core, the soil, and chocolate-growing communities.

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Nuts are a great source of protein and organically grown nuts reinforce their nutritional value while providing local flora and fauna with good habitat and sources of nesting and foraging material.

An amazing story from Georgia: an old plantation populated by enslaved people during the 18th century has now been bought by an African American cooperative of farmers who work the land and produce pecans, providing a wonderful illustration of how things have changed for the better. We support and work toward such changes.

Palestinian Products

Americans, it is our duty to rebuild and create strong commercial and food-system links with the Palestinian people, helping them build a safe and vibrant future for their communities. We also benefit from the exceptional olive oil and Medjool dates they grow on fertile and sunny lands.

We stand with the Palestinian people and the wonderful food they produce. We are committed to building a fairer and brighter future for all.

Solidarity Foods

Our solidarity foods include cheese, hot sauce, peanut butter, seafood, and more.

New England is a gastronomic island of plenty in a country abounding with nutrient-poor food. New Englanders care about the land, we care about the food we grow on that land and we care about the nutritional value of the food we put in our bodies.


Any Just Food Hub products can be collected together in a basket for a great gift. We have put together a few samples, but don’t let that limit your imagination!