Jewish Voice for Peace VT NH


Support Equality for Israelis and Palestinians

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a community of people dedicated to supporting and leading winnable campaigns to change and shift US discourse and policy. JVP works to create the political conditions that will help Israelis and Palestinians achieve a just and lasting peace.

JVP opposes attempts to silence critics of Israel by conflating constructive criticism with anti-Semitism.

JVP supports full equality for Palestinians and Jewish Israelis grounded in international law and universal principles of human rights. Toward that end, JVP supports the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions.

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Just Food Hub

Just Food Hub (JFH) is raising awareness in our local communities about real organic and fair-traded food, worker coops, and corporate consolidation in the food system. JFH products include high-quality and affordable artisan food like coffee, chocolate, tea, cheese, and hot sauce from cooperative farms in the Global South and small US organic farms.

Of particular interest, JFH provides Palestinian extra virgin olive oil and Palestinian Medjool dates. The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC, is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable economic development of 41 coops of 20 to 80 members from fertilization to export. PARC bases its work on principles of democratic participation, transparency, and accountability and provides social services for women, children, and families in the West Bank.

JFH sells these wonderful foods online, giving the profits to community groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace VT NH. By helping you eat well and build strong local economies, JFH is working to address the climate crisis and food insecurity.

Just Food Hub collaborates with Equal Exchange, a worker coop developing a noncapitalist people-centered food system that brings food justice and integrity to the US family table. Working with democratic and worker-owned farming cooperatives throughout the Global South, Palestine, and the United States, Equal Exchange endorses corganic and regnerative farming practices.

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